The Green Bliss

The Green Bliss Part 10

10. Godtech Nobody fucks with the Guild of the Maker. As the team flew back to the island, Wood reviewed what the STS knew about the Guild. It wasn’t a pretty picture. The Singularity Network was obsessed with transcending the human form through cybernetics and with creating the hardware and software needed to upgrade the […]

The Green Bliss Part 9

9. The Mark of the Maker “You don’t do anything halfway, do you?” Commander Joshua Gregory said. Yuri Yamamoto shrugged. “We didn’t have much choice.” Gregory sighed and shook his head. “This is not good. Not for us, not for STS.” After the showdown at the Sheriff’s Department, nowhere on Moreno Island was safe for […]

The Green Bliss Part 8

8. The Betrayal “No,” Yamamoto said. “You’re not in a position to say no,” Matthews said. The four deputies approached, hands resting on their weapons. “Iota Omicron Seven-Two-Eight is a Federal prisoner—” Wood began. “There are laws higher than human ones.” Wood narrowed his eyes. “The Maker?” Matthews nodded. “He who made the world also […]

The Green Bliss Part 7

7. The Bargain The cyborgs had been thorough. As Fox and Tan watched the detainees, the rest of the team swept the plantation. There was nothing left but bodies and ashes. The guards had been gunned down on the spot, the house demolished with high explosives. Within the ashes of the house, the team found […]

The Green Bliss Part 6

6. A Lot More Complicated “Samurai, Farmer,” Wood said. “Copy that. What kind of intruders?” “The crawler spotted a large boat with thirteen individuals mooring at the berth. Both the boat and the subjects have chameleon camo. We’re tracking them with EM vision and Lycan’s blessings.” The crawler had an electromagnetic imager, allowing it to […]

The Green Bliss Part 5

5. Grass River The rest of the evening yielded no intel. Dad wouldn’t speak of what his grandfather had seen, only that it was something terrible and best left undisturbed in the forgotten corners of the swamp. Mom knew nothing of such unspeakable abominations, nor of the abominations that called themselves the Santiago Syndicate. His […]

The Green Bliss Part 4

4. The Prodigal Son The meeting with Sheriff Kane was polite, formal, and an utter waste of time. Over lunch, Kane and James Wood discussed the Santiago Syndicate, Moreno Island and the New Gods. While the great man had demonstrated ample deference to James Wood’s august position as a representative of the Public Security Bureau, […]

The Green Bliss Part 2

The One-Eyed Man Modern medicine was a wonderful thing. The doctors patched James Wood up as best as they could. They replaced the blood he’d lost, reconstructed and reknitted the broken bone around his eye socket, extracted a bone sliver from his brain and repaired the wound. But his right eye was too far gone […]

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