The Mad Monk of Geylang

The Mad Monk of Geylang Part 5

  Successful magic, as with all things, follows the KISS principle: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Forget complicated rituals, rare ingredients, hours-long chants and lengthy evocations of gods and spirits. Once you understand the principles of magic, complexity is a curse. I don’t usually dabble much with rituals myself. But a case like this requires extra […]

The Mad Monk of Geylang Part 4

Over the phone, Diana spends the next hour explaining her situation. Shortly after leaving her home, Somchai’s followers began bombarding her. They filled her inbox with messages, some honeyed, some vitriolic, calling her to return and receive the monk’s forgiveness, else she be damned for uncountable lifetimes. The senior members kept calling her, either telling […]

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