The Protector

The Protector Part 7

The journey out of Bangkok was relatively uneventful. I field-stripped the pistols, balled up the knives with my discarded clothes, and tossed them down separate storm drains. We returned to the hotel long enough to gather our things and check out. That was the most dangerous part of the operation, but I couldn’t burn my […]

The Protector Part 6

“Yes, Mr Cyr, your turn,” Zai said. “We know what you did outside our establishment. While your dedication to your client is admirable, you did hurt our people. We cannot let this pass unavenged.” “You can’t prove I was there.” “Oh? Mr Allondir disagreed. When we approached him, he told us you came to his […]

The Protector Part 3

The driver appeared twenty minutes later. Slyphs don’t have an innate sense of direction in the material plane and don’t know how to use the Global Locating System. But I had the telepathic connection. Half-closing my eyes, it appeared to me like a glittering silver cord stretching through the roof into the sky. I gave […]

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