Wolves of Babylon

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 11

Hold The Line The rest of the week passed in relative peace. But only around Hunter’s Heights. The Pantheon surveillance team disappeared. With the police investigating the ambush outside the Temple of Galen, and stepping up increased patrols, it was no longer prudent to maintain the operation. While the Pantheon’s influence surely extended into top […]

Babylon Red Chapter 10

Alpha The crackling roar of the railgun flowed through the streets of Babylon, filling the narrow stairwell within electric rumble. Hot on its heels was a wet POP and a heavy SMACK. Karim sprung up, drawing Kayla’s shotgun from under his coat, unfolding and extending the stock. Galen! I seek your aid! Tear ward and […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 9

Silent Scope Babylon was always in a state of urban renewal. It tore down the old and threw up new edifices to ever-changing modernity. West of Wright’s apartment, a construction site promised a new condominium in two years. Security was laughable. No human security, no alarms, just cameras with huge gaps in coverage. Karim confirmed […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 8

War Council Symphonies of sirens echoed in the city streets. Police cruisers, flying ambulances, a PSB ESWAT gravtruck. Karim could identify them all by their tones, their pitches, the patterns of their wails. Truly, it was just another night in Babylon, where gods and devils dueled in the dark, and the humans caught in between […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 7

For the Good of All Karim was many things. Cop. Operator. Protector. Elect. In his short life he had seen so much, done too much. He had saved many people, yes, but he’d also killed more men and monsters than he’d dared to count. He’d upheld the law, but he’d also gutted a government. Of […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 6

Securing a property against physical assault was one thing. Securing it without being detected was something else. But creating the illusion of weakness, while still offering an invisible yet irresistible defense, now that was a mission worthy of the STS. Karim was willing to stand watch outside the temple forever, but it would merely prolong […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 5

Ghost Guns Lamb jealously guarded his privacy. A locked door led to the back of the shop, where a winding staircase awaited. A holographic keyboard, authenticated by an iris scanner, secured the door at the top of the stairs. Past the stairs was Lamb’s personal workshop. The moment she entered, the smell invaded her lungs. […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 4

Rules of Deception The first rule of deception was to give the enemy something he expects to see. The second rule of deception was to act where he isn’t looking. The Street Wolves would expect Karim to guard the temple. So would the Pantheon. Karim made a show of it, planting himself by the main […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 3

Between Gods and Wolves Babylon, again. Kayla Fox loved the outdoors, but part of her heart remained in Babylon. Here, she had served in the Public Security Bureau. She had cracked the glass ceiling and became one of the few women to join the Special Tasks Section. She’d fought and bled and killed in the […]

Wolves of Babylon Chapter 2

Gods Greater and Lesser Babylon. Capital of the world, gateway of the gods, the most religious city on the face of the Earth. There was a god for every man, a church for every faith, a scripture for every believer. It was said that the New Gods had descended to the changed world here, after […]

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